Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Mean Kitty

Well, I was hoping that Lucy was finally calming down and had even bragged about the uneventful day she had when talking on the phone with Keith last night. She hadn't growled at anyone or gotten into any fights. Mimi and Harri have been coming out into the living room again with no problems. But poor old Bear. She hasn't been out of the bedroom in almost 2 weeks now, only a few times crossing the hall to go into the front bedroom, looking out of the window for a few minutes and then scurrying back across the hall into the safety zone.

Last night I was sitting on the couch and Bear came all the way down the hall where she could see into the living room and then sat there staring at me with that kind of creepy stare that she has. I knew she was longing to come sit on the couch and get her face rubbed and petted but was too afraid to come any further.

I hadn't seen Lucy for a few hours and was kind of hoping that maybe somehow she got outside and ran away and I wouldn't have to worry about her anymore, but no, she was up on top of the entertainment center sleeping. So after Bear stared at me for a while, she crept into the living room, into the kitchen, and was going to go out the kitty door to the garage when Lucy saw her from on top of the entertainment center and immediately jumped down and was ready to attack, growling and ready for action. I grabbed the squirt bottle of water and Bear went into panic mode and ran back into the bedroom, me squirting and yelling at Lucy.

So. I really think that Lucy got it into her head that the bad cat that sprayed on the screen door is somehow Bear and she doesn't recognize Bear anymore and thinks that Bear is a new cat that shouldn't be in the house. That's the only explanation that I can come up with for the sudden I Hate Bear thing that is going on.

Better watch out, Lucy, a trip to the pound is still an option here even though it would break our hearts to have to do that.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We Are Back!

I was thinking about deleting this blog since it's been over 2 years since my last post (wow, how time flies when you're having fun, right?) but after re-reading some of the posts and looking at the pictures, I'm going to start up the blog again.

So, what's new with the six fur kids? If you've read the other blog recently then you know that Lucy went on a mean streak after smelling some other cat's pee that they sprayed on the screen door and she attacked Bear and Buddy and the fur flew and Bear didn't come out from under the bed for four days. I've been spraying the house with pheromone spray and got Good Cat stuff that goes in their water dish and she seems to have calmed down a little bit but Bear is still afraid to come out of the bedroom even though she finally came out from under the bed.

Buddy is such a dummy that he's forgotten all about it. In fact, he and Lucy and Pepper were all sleeping on the couch yesterday albeit about a foot apart from each other. Far enough apart to where if I'd wanted to sit on MY couch I would have had to make somebody move.

Harri actually came out from the bedroom yesterday and spent quite a bit of time in the same room as Lucy without anyone getting into a fight. Lucy just kind of ignored her.

Mimi got snarled at this morning, though.

I've been keeping Mimi, Harri, and Bear in the room with me at night with a water dish and food dish and poop box, but they keep waking me up by either crunching on their food or walking on the bed, or like Mimi did at 4 am, playing inside the cardboard box and scratching on the bottom of it. I think I will remove the cardboard box tonight and also take some Benadryl to maybe knock me out enough to where I can't hear them crunching or feel them walking on the bed.