Monday, April 25, 2011

In Pursuit of the Wild Lucy

We search the wild forest in pursuit of the elusive, ferocious, and fearsome Lucy cat in her natural habitat, hoping to observe this creature as she goes about her day.

What's this? Hidden high in the branches of a tree, her fur blending in with the brown shades of the branch, the sharp clawed dangerous Lucy cat is lurking, hoping for unsuspecting prey to walk below.

She appears to be quite relaxed and sleepy, maybe she has already devoured her morning meal and has settled in for a nap while she digests.

Behold this dangerous cat!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Lucy seems to be adapting well to living the outdoor cat's life. She doesn't look too upset in these pictures.

She has gotten in the house a few times, Keith had the garage door open and forgot to shut the kitty door into the house, then shut the garage door, and here comes Lucy wandering in through the kitty door. I scooped her up pretty quick and put her back outside. I am so afraid she will go off on one of the other cats and I don't want them getting all freaked out again.

Pepper still kind of whines when she sees Lucy through the window or door but the rest of them are getting used to seeing her out there. We had the front door open and everyone was sniffing each other through the screen door. I kind of wonder what is going through their minds. How come we can see her and smell her but she's out there? What the heck is going on here anyway?

We've decided to let her stay as an outside cat as long as nothing else weird happens with her. Keith is going to build her a little house out there for her, who knows if she'll actually use it but at least there will be some shelter. We'll have to dose her with Advantage when flea season starts up and we know she'll end up with a parasite or two but we feel better allowing her to stay rather than taking her to the pound.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Poor old Buddy. He acts like such a big badass but every time the trash truck goes down the street he runs straight into the garage to hide from the noise. Why he thinks the garage is a safe place I don't know.

Today it was the street sweeper truck.

Keith was still in bed and Buddy runs into the bedroom and crawls under the covers with him, turns all around in panicked circles, and then finally cringes under the covers. He is still there after the street sweeper left a long time ago. It might come back!! OH NOES!

Lucy is adapting to living in the back yard after being banished from the house for her territorial attacking wild crazy behaviour. She has pretty much chased all of the other strays and outdoor cats that like to poop in our yard away. She also found a way to get up the tree out front and onto the roof of the house and was wandering around up there the other day.

Keith still wants to find her a home, but cats are a dime a dozen around here so the chances of that are slim and none. We are deciding whether to let her live out her life outdoors, but the indoor cats still get freaked out when she comes to the back sliding door and get all nervous that she might attack through the glass or something. We can't open the screen to let the breezes in because who wants cats screeching at each other through the screen?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stinky Boy

The other day I'm trying to work on the computer and kept smelling stinky smells and where is that coming from and Pepper, did you forget to cover up your poop again? So, I go clean the cat box and blame it all on Pepper, and then later come to find out that she's been set up to take the fall.

By Buddy.

He comes in, uses the cat box to deposit some very stinky poo, AND THEN LOOKS AT IT AND LEAVES! Oh, I see what's going on now, you know that Pepper gets in trouble for doing this and you've never liked Pepper anyway, so what better way to get back at her than to leave a very smelly reminder of your extreme disdain for her AND GET HER IN TROUBLE AT THE SAME TIME!

Seriously, is it the salmon cat food that's making things stink so much?

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Sometimes I wonder what the cats do all night since occasionally I find strange things in strange places when I wake up in the mornings.

The other day it was a six inch long piece of wood molding sitting by our bedroom door.

Today it was the instruction book for my portable DVD player that I thought was up in the cupboard in the bedroom with the portable DVD player.

And a camera strap that I've never seen before laying in the hallway by the living room. Or maybe it was the strap for the DVD player.

I dunno.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Buddy in the Box

I got a box ( A BOX!) in the mail yesterday with a book that I had ordered in it. It had lots of nice squashed up paper in it so I put it on the floor because I know how much my kitties like boxes (BOXES!).

Later here comes Buddy who curls up in the BOX!, sits there for a while, and then takes his afternoon nap in the BOX! Which is just barely big enough for him. He's back in there today.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hairbrushes and Hairballs

We all know that Pepper is a weird cat and likes weird smells like the seasoning salt that is better than catnip as far as she is concerned. When Keith uses the salt at dinner I usually have to put a little bit of it on one of my cleaning rag washcloths and let her roll around in it in total bliss.

She also likes my hairbrush when I have just brushed my hair after my shower and it smells of lovely shampoo smells. Is it gross to throw the brush on the floor and let her sniff and rub against it? Probably, but I don't care and it makes her feel special. She waits patiently by the bathroom sink each night when I brush my hair and if I forget that she is waiting patiently there and put it back in the drawer before letting her sniff and rub, well...

First she looks around to make sure that nobody else will get her hairbrushy goodness.

Then, hairbrush heaven.

I was trying to get a picture of her snaggletooth. It makes her look like she has a constant sneer on her face. Which she usually does, snaggletooth or not.

I woke up this morning and found a coughed up hairball on the blanket. Fortunately it was on Keith's side of the bed and what he doesn't know won't hurt him. Although I really didn't feel like having to wash the blanket today.

A package of books from BNSF came by UPS for Keith yesterday so I stacked them in his mail pile on the counter and of course they looked really comfortable, so...

Monday, April 4, 2011


We noticed that Pepper's lip looked a little funny on Friday night so Keith looks at her teeth, Pepper squirming and growling, and one of her front bottom teeth is sticking out all funny like it's been knocked loose from where it belongs. We have no money to take her to the kitty dentist so I'm hoping that the tooth will just fall out on its own and she'll just be missing a tooth and fit right in here in hillbillyland. You walk around town here and most of the residents of this city have missing teeth, so why not the cats, too?

The last time Bear went to the vet we found out that she has a missing tooth so apparently since cats can't brush their teeth or floss, occasionally their teeth fall out. Hopefully we won't have to start buying them dentures.

Speaking of Bear, Lucy is still defending her living room territory against her (and only her) but she walked into the bedroom and looked around the other day, walking right past Bear who was sitting by the food bowl, and didn't growl or even pay any attention to her. I don't know, I just feel bad for poor Bear being afraid to leave the bedroom. She did sneak across the hall to the front bedroom this morning so she could sit and look out the window.