Monday, September 29, 2008


We thought we had lost Lucy yesterday.

I had asked Keith to take the screens out of the windows so we could clean them-after all it's only been, oh, maybe 3 or 4 years since we cleaned the windows? Or maybe we've never cleaned the windows, who knows. Anyway, he got all gung ho and took not just the screens but the actual windows out so he could clean the runners which were indeed totally nasty.

So, here we are with the living room window wide open and no screen and of course the cats are really curious about this so we locked the cats we could round up in the bedroom. Then a little while later we realized that Lucy was nowhere to be found. Uh oh...

We looked everywhere, under the beds, in the closets, in the garage. Our house is really small so there aren't that many hiding places for little kitties. Well, crap, she must have gotten out the window.

So, Keith searched all the yards around us and no Lucy.

We were worried but finished up on the window job keeping an eye out for Lucy and hoping she would find her way home.

A few hours later Keith went into the living room and there was Lucy, innocently laying in the middle of the floor.

We still haven't figured out where she was hiding, but we were really glad that she was safe inside and not out wandering the neighborhood.

This is her favorite sleeping position-doesn't it look comfy?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Cats and Boxes

What is it with cats and boxes? Any time a box or bag or any other kind of receptacle is out where the cats see it they are instantly fascinated with it. Curiosity indeed.

Even when the box is just a little too small they like to squish themselves in it as best they can.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

If You Open the Cupboard

Chances are a kitty will jump into it.

Buddy got in there first and then along came Lucy to see what he was up to. Buddy left and got on top of the fridge, sticking his paws into the opening between the door hinges to bat at Lucy. I was afraid all the dishes would come tumbling out if I tried to make them vacate the cupboard, so I just waited until they got bored with it and left of their own accord.

Cats are just so nosy.

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Little Helper

I was cleaning the bathroom the other day, and yes, it really needed it, and Mimi decided she needed to leap from the floor onto my shoulder to make sure I was doing it right.
Now, if I could just train her to clean the toilet for me!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Feeding Time at The Zoo

Every morning and every afternoon it's time to open up that can of cat food for all the hungry kitties. They have dry food available if they are starving, but they know that when I get up in the morning, first stop-even before coffee-is getting all the kitty dishes out and popping open that cat food can. Buddy is the most aggressive and jumps up on the counter for his dish. Pepper jumps up on the breakfast bar because there is a stool that she can jump on first, then onto the breakfast bar. She's too fat to jump directly onto the counter. Mimi will wander around on the floor waiting for her dish, Bear hangs back hoping that she'll get some too, Harri is usually still hiding in the bedroom and won't eat with the others, and Lucy won't eat wet food, so she doesn't really care.

Buddy will eat anything and usually eats out of his bowl and then scavenges out of all the rest of the bowls. He has super hearing when it comes to that pop of the cat food can. In the afternoons he will be two rooms away or sleeping out in the garage and he can hear that can open. One morning I had opened the closet to get my robe, shut the door, gone out to the kitchen and opened the cat food can, put the bowls out, and no Buddy. What the heck? He's always the first one here! Oops, he was in the closet when I shut the door and so I had to go rescue him.

This picture was taken on a day when they were extra hungry and Pepper actually made it to Buddy's counter. I was amazed that they were eating side by side like this.

Of course, as soon as Pepper abandoned her bowl, Buddy was right there eating what was left. Not like it's all the same food in each bowl or anything, he thinks there might be something just a little tastier in each bowl.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

It Was Mimi the Whole Time

Remember the mystery of the pillows that belong on the window bench in my workroom but appear in the living room each morning? I figured out who the culprit is the other day while working on some things at my worktable. Mimi was sitting on the window bench with both pillows when I look over and see her picking up one of the pillows with her teeth and then dragging it over to the edge of the bench and dropping it on the floor. It was almost like the pillow was just really annoying her and she had to get it off that bench now, just like when you toss a throw pillow off your bed so that you can lay down. Then, she does the same thing with the other one, but after she drops it on the floor she proceeds to drag it over to behind the table. Now stay there, don't get back on the bench you pillow, you!

She is a very petite kitty, too, but apparently has some really strong jaws.

Buddy and Lucy pictures for the day.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Buddy and Lucy

They like to sleep in the middle of the floor so that you have to step over them. Either they are very trusting or they just like to make you step over them.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Buddy the Bully

Poor little Harri. She is such a timid little thing, always looking over her shoulder to see if someone's out to get her, and always kind of staying out of everyone's way. Buddy just loves to chase her and make her hide somewhere, and even Lucy was getting in on the action the other day. If Harri would just stand up for herself and take a swipe at Buddy I think he would stop but she's just too timid.

Here are some Lucy pictures for the day. She sleeps in the oddest positions.

But she always looks totally relaxed and I guess if someone took pictures of me sleeping I might be in some strange positions too!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I was cleaning out some of my books and putting them into plastic bags to take to the Goodwill when Mimi decided that this nice big plastic bag looked like a nice place to play.

Yes, I know it is just as dangerous to let your kitties play with plastic bags as it is your kids, but I was watching her the whole time.

A bird or something out the front door caught her attention for a minute.

She got tired and took her nap inside the plastic bag. She was in there for about an hour.