Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cat Resolutions

So, since we humans make our new year's resolutions each year, it got me thinking about what kind of resolutions our feline friends might make and what kind of resolutions I wish they would make.

Here are my hopes for resolution minded kitties.

I resolve to make sure all my poo makes it into the litter box and I will cover up all traces of said poo.

I resolve to ignore your new sofa that looks so much like a huge scratching post slash kitty bed.

I resolve not to wake you up at 3am because I'm in the mood to be petted.

I resolve to stop jumping onto your back every time you bend over or are trying to clean up the kitchen.

I resolve to stop jumping onto the counter to investigate the food that you are trying to prepare for yourself.

I resolve to stop biting your ankle because I am bored and you are not paying attention to me.

And here are the actual resolutions that our kitties will make.

We resolve to make sure that the litter boxes are always full of poo and pee and litter is scattered all over the house because we know how much you enjoy cleaning cat boxes twice a day and what else do you have to do anyway?

We resolve to sleep on your bed every afternoon for at least four or five hours.

We resolve to sit and/or sleep on your new sofa in the exact spot that you would like to sit, necessitating in our removal from said spot four or five times a day.

We resolve to continue to be picky about our canned cat food, requiring the expensive Fancy Feast brand, but ONLY in certain flavors, any substitutes will result in turned up noses and looks of extreme disgust.

We resolve to become bored with our new toys in about five minutes, and will require you to provide a steady source of new toys and amusement throughout the year.

We resolve to demand to be petted when you are:
a/ trying to sleep
b/ trying to cook dinner
c/ trying to read a book or magazine-we will sit directly upon said book or magazine
d/ trying to go to the bathroom
and e/ every other time you are trying to do anything but pay attention to us

And, finally, we resolve to continue to be a never ending source of amusement and affection for you in this new year to come!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Silly Mimi

Why do cats do the silly things that they do? I was at my workbench the other day and just kind of stopped to watch Mimi squeeze herself under my little bookshelf which only has a few inches of space under it. She got under there, laid there for a little while, and then was done and crawled back out. Good thing she is tiny, I can just picture one of the bigger cats doing this, and then walking around with a bookshelf on their back because they got stuck.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Good Little Kitties

Well, maybe not so good all the time, but our kitties got stockings stuffed with toys instead of lumps of coal. Any lumps this year were the ones they left for us in the litter boxes.

It was like a toy bonanza, a toy-o-rama, a festival of feline fun, so many toys that they didn't know what to do!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cat Shaped Throw Pillows

This is why I get sleepy in the afternoons. Seeing all these kitties snoozing on the bed makes me want to join them.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Buddy And His Buddy

Every night when Keith lays down on the bed, Buddy's sixth sense goes into action and he comes into the bedroom to lay down with (or on) his favorite human. He just loves Keith so much (either that or he just thinks he is a big nice warm comfortable cat bed that has hands to pet him).

Buddy never does this with me, which kind of hurts my feelings. After all, I'm the one who fed him a bottle and wiped his tiny bottom when he was little, and I'm the one who cleans his cat box twice a day, and I'm the one who buys him new cat toys, and I'm the one who opens those cans of cat food twice a day, but he just likes Keith the best. Must be some male bonding funky boy smells thing.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

BFF's Forever

Mimi just loves Bear, and vice versa. All Mimi has to do is flop herself down next to Bear and cuddle up with her and she knows Bear will give her some loving. It's so cute that Bear kind of became the kittens surrogate mama when they were little and all or them still go to her for comfort.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Keith and I went out for lunch today mainly because we hadn't been to the grocery store yet and there was nothing for lunch in the house, not even bread for peanut butter sandwiches, and when we got back home there were no little kitties coming to the door to greet us. Very unusual. So, I looked around the house and found every one of them sound asleep, not having missed us at all, and not really caring that we were back home again.

And, then, since all of the cats were asleep and looking so comfortable and cozy, Keith decided to join them in naptime.

He was very careful not to disturb Lucy with his big feet.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Buddy was terrorizing little Mimi again last night and she decided she'd had just about enough of that big bully. He outweighs her by at least 8 or 9 pounds and he just loves to jump on her when she least expects it and bite the heck out of her. Her little ears went back and her fur went up and she swatted right back at him. I keep an eye on them when they do that because I'm afraid Buddy might really hurt her one of these days. I'll go stand in between them and give them 'that look' (just like you do with kids) and they'll usually go to their respective corners.

I thought they had settled down but next thing I know they were on top of the shelf divider in the kitchen batting away at each other.

Mimi emerged the victor!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Candy Continued

On my other blog I posted a picture of the yummy box of candy we got from Keith's brother in Boise. The cats were way more interested in the shipping box that the candy came in and Mimi turned it into her own little kitty bed and sat in that thing for hours that day.

Monday, December 8, 2008

It's Chilly!

The weather has been getting quite wintery and I guess the cats fur coats aren't keeping them warm enough, so they crawl under our comforter for their naps. Mimi was under the comforter the other day and Keith laid down on the bed right on top of her. What a rude awakening from your nap, getting so unexpectantly squished. There were two lumps in the bed yesterday, both Mimi and Buddy had crawled under there.

Now, we check out all lumps before flopping ourselves onto the bed.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Funny Kitties

These silly cats really make me laugh sometimes, especially the three little (well not so little anymore, but the youngest of the six) ones, who still have enough kitten in them to provide entertainment, rather than just laying around like the older ones.

This morning I was transferring some pills into another bottle, mainly because I opened my pill bottle and dropped the lid, which proceeded to roll under the stove. Not wanting to dig around under the stove trying to find it, I just transferred the contents to another bottle that I had. Transferring pills into a plastic pill bottle makes lots of rattling noises, which to the kitties means one of two things. Either treats or toys, treats or toys, rattling means treats or toys. So, all three of the young ones jump up onto the counter and stick their collective faces one inch away from the pill bottles trying to see whether I'm rattling treats or toys. Treats or toys! Yay! Yay! Treats! Toys!

Sorry, kids, just me trying to transfer pills with three curious kitties milling about on the counter top. Not toys, and not treats!

Then, last night, Pepper amazed me by actually chasing Buddy around the living room. I think he was amazed, too, that someone would actually have the audacity to chase him, when he is usually the one terrorizing all the other cats by doing all the chasing. It was hilarious, you could almost see little though bubbles over Buddy's head. 'What the hell is going on here?' 'Wait a minute, nobody chases ME around!' I don't know if Pepper was just being cranky or if she was having fun, but it sure was fun for me to watch!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Poor Harri. She is the most timid fearful little kitty and all the other kids pick on her. Buddy, Mimi, and Lucy delight in seeing her quietly sitting somewhere and do that little wiggle my butt and get ready to pounce on you thing, and then chase her all over the house. She is constantly checking over her shoulder to see who's next in line to torment her.

All of the other cats have the going through the cat door into the garage thing down pat. The three younguns will bang through that thing at top speed, Pepper and Bear take a little more dainty approach to it, but Harri will sit there and look through the door into the garage, look back at you, look through the door again, hoping it will magically open or you will come and open it for her. Keith has tried pushing her through so that she'll get the idea, but she just won't go through that door. Last night as I was heading for bed she was sitting by the door hoping hoping that I would let her in the garage. Nope, sorry, Harri, I don't want you stuck out in the garage all night since you won't come back through the door by yourself.

So, this morning I don't see her anywhere and check in the garage to see if Keith let her in before he left for work, but don't see her. Then a few hours later, there she is, in the garage looking at me through the cat door, hoping I'll come let her back in. She doesn't meow or anything, just sits there looking at you hoping you will notice her and open the door. Which I did.

She is the original scaredy cat.