Friday, January 2, 2009

Cats in the Cupboard-Again

Last night while relaxing in front of TV watching the evening news, I heard some banging noises coming from the kitchen and knew right away that we must have shut a cupboard door on one of our unsuspecting cats. They're strong enough to push the door open a little bit, just enough so that it will close again with a bang, but not quite strong enough to push it open all the way.

So, I go into the kitchen to see who got stuck inside the cupboard and see Mimi staring at the cupboard door, so, no, it's not her. I open up the cupboard and there's Lucy looking back out at me like 'Hey! What's the matter with you shutting that door on me? It's dark in here!'

We usually do a head count once a day to make sure nobody's missing in action, with six of them there's always somebody getting into something.

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