Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Feeding Time at The Zoo

Every morning and every afternoon it's time to open up that can of cat food for all the hungry kitties. They have dry food available if they are starving, but they know that when I get up in the morning, first stop-even before coffee-is getting all the kitty dishes out and popping open that cat food can. Buddy is the most aggressive and jumps up on the counter for his dish. Pepper jumps up on the breakfast bar because there is a stool that she can jump on first, then onto the breakfast bar. She's too fat to jump directly onto the counter. Mimi will wander around on the floor waiting for her dish, Bear hangs back hoping that she'll get some too, Harri is usually still hiding in the bedroom and won't eat with the others, and Lucy won't eat wet food, so she doesn't really care.

Buddy will eat anything and usually eats out of his bowl and then scavenges out of all the rest of the bowls. He has super hearing when it comes to that pop of the cat food can. In the afternoons he will be two rooms away or sleeping out in the garage and he can hear that can open. One morning I had opened the closet to get my robe, shut the door, gone out to the kitchen and opened the cat food can, put the bowls out, and no Buddy. What the heck? He's always the first one here! Oops, he was in the closet when I shut the door and so I had to go rescue him.

This picture was taken on a day when they were extra hungry and Pepper actually made it to Buddy's counter. I was amazed that they were eating side by side like this.

Of course, as soon as Pepper abandoned her bowl, Buddy was right there eating what was left. Not like it's all the same food in each bowl or anything, he thinks there might be something just a little tastier in each bowl.

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