Monday, May 2, 2011

Falling Down

With our new gate on the side of the house, Lucy can't get back over the fence if she comes out front unless the gate is open. She has figured out how to get up on the top of the gate from the back yard by climbing onto the trash can then onto the fence and then on up to the roof of the house. From the roof she leaps onto a tree branch then climbs down. She did this the other day while I was watching, but instead of climbing down from the tree, she went further and further up into the tree. Then I hear branches cracking and see leaves shaking and down she goes. She sat there for a minute, then kind of shook herself off, and seemed to be okay.

Keith built her a couple of platforms so she could have a more comfortable napping spot and yesterday I just happen to look up into the tree.

I'm surprised he didn't build her a full on tree house with doors and windows and a porch.

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PussDaddy said...

She looks so happy and peaceful.