Sunday, May 22, 2011

First One Down

Lucy had her first vet visit in a few years yesterday. She did not enjoy it.

Her appointment was for 3pm and at 2:45 we were calling her name and looking all over the back yard for her. No Lucy. I figured if we couldn't find her we'd just take one of the other cats, but after shaking her food dish she finally started meowing from on top of the shed. And then wouldn't come down. Keith managed to kind of climb up where he could reach her and dragged her down and stuffed her in the cat carrier. Eeek, what are you DOING TO ME?!?

Then, off to the vet's office, which is just a short drive up the road and is right next to McDonalds, very handy if you want a snack after visiting the vet. She got her temperature taken first and weighed and then we waited for about 30 minutes in the little room, Keith getting kind of cranky at having to wait and being kind of annoying. We had brought along a towel to wrap Lucy in since we weren't sure how she would react to strangers touching her, and Keith brought his leather gloves just in case she started biting or clawing. She was okay up until the vet started poking at her. Then the growling started. She got one shot and since she is an outdoor cat now was going to get a leukemia shot. The leukemia shot is kind of like an air gun and makes a loud noise, so what the vet does is position the cat right in front of their cat carrier so if they run for it, they run right into the carrier. Lucy didn't run into the carrier, we had to shove her in there while she was spitting and hissing.

The cost was fairly reasonable, $30.00 for the visit and then the usual $25.00 for each shot. The other cats won't need the leukemia shot so their visits should be a little cheaper. We're going to take one every 3 weeks until everybody is all up to date and then we'll start saving up for next years visits.

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PussDaddy said...

I like Lucy though. She looks like a cat I used to have.