Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Kittens Saga

The continuation of the kitten rescue story.

After many trips to the vet, many many bottle feedings and bottom wipings-with new kittens you have to wipe their little behinds to get them to go pee after feeding them, just like mama cat does-and lots of medicine and tender care, our kittens began to flourish last summer.
Here they are last August, getting fat and sassy.

Since they had been so young when we found them, they still needed that sucking on mama thing, so they would suck on each other's bellies for comfort-and on each others genitals, which we had to put a stop to real quickly since that can damage their little private parts. As they got older, they would nuzzle into each other and get a flap of belly skin to suck on and you'd hear them just slurping away making each other's bellies soaking wet.
Whenever I'd find them sucking I'd make them a little plate of kitty milk mixed with baby rice cereal for them to lap up. These kittens were hard to wean, Buddy figured out food real quick and would (and still will) eat anything. Mimi wouldn't eat any dry food and lived on that kitty milk mixed with wet food for a long time. Lucy wanted nothing to do with the wet kitty food and only liked dry food, and still does. No canned Fancy Feast for her.
I think we finally got them done with kitten milk at about 5 months, they really liked that stuff.

Having three growing very active kittens in the house is something like having a three ring circus in your living room-constant motion and always something to watch. I wouldn't trade all the entertainment value of having three kittens for anything, though. Even the thousands that we spent on vet bills was worth it.

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