Wednesday, July 9, 2008


We'll talk about little Mimi today.

She is the runt of the kitty babies that we hand raised last summer. We've been trying to fatten her up, she's one of those finicky eater nose in the air if it's not the right food cats, and you can see her ribs, but otherwise seems healthy and active.

She is not a lap cat, but a shoulder cat, the only place she wants to be on your body is on your shoulders. No hugging, no sitting on your lap getting petted, no picking me up, just let me jump onto your shoulders, clawing you as I'm trying to get settled here, and I'm happy.
She gets up on your shoulders and just purrs away. Her purring sounds almost like a bird, she kind of chirps. It's really hard to pet her when she is on your back.
It's also hard to do your bathroom business with a kitty on your back.

And any kind of open container is fair game for our girl-boxes, bags, lunchboxes-anything with an opening large enough for her to squeeze into and she's there.Here's your lunch!

The big cats know that the cat carrier=vet visit, but the little cats think it's just another fun place to hide.

Bags are fun, too!
And boxes!

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Jim & Heather on "Meerkat" said...

Your cats are too funny! I can't imagine trying to pee or poop for that matter with a cat around my neck...