Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Yesterday every time Mimi ate something she immediately started gagging and threw it back up. Lots of times yesterday.

So, it means a trip to the vet to see what is wrong with her, and according to the internet searches that I did, it could mean all kinds of problems. I guess there is vomiting, and then there is regurgitation, which is what Mimi is doing, the food doesn't even get as far as her stomach before it comes back up. Some of the answers I found while searching this issue are sort of like when you are searching why your head hurts or something-BRAIN TUMOR!!

The internet is great and all that, but sometimes the information you get is way scarier than what's really going on. Regurgitation in animals apparently could mean poisoning, intestinal infections, or just that they're eating too fast. All do agree on one thing, take the cat to the vet if it continues.

So, just like kids getting sick on holidays and weekends, we'll have to watch her today and then take her to the vet on Friday or Saturday if she doesn't stop hacking her food up. She seems just fine other than that, yesterday she was almost being a pest jumping on my shoulders and flopping down right in front of me as I'm walking through the house. She's such a small kitty that you almost don't see her until you've tripped over her.