Friday, April 22, 2011


Poor old Buddy. He acts like such a big badass but every time the trash truck goes down the street he runs straight into the garage to hide from the noise. Why he thinks the garage is a safe place I don't know.

Today it was the street sweeper truck.

Keith was still in bed and Buddy runs into the bedroom and crawls under the covers with him, turns all around in panicked circles, and then finally cringes under the covers. He is still there after the street sweeper left a long time ago. It might come back!! OH NOES!

Lucy is adapting to living in the back yard after being banished from the house for her territorial attacking wild crazy behaviour. She has pretty much chased all of the other strays and outdoor cats that like to poop in our yard away. She also found a way to get up the tree out front and onto the roof of the house and was wandering around up there the other day.

Keith still wants to find her a home, but cats are a dime a dozen around here so the chances of that are slim and none. We are deciding whether to let her live out her life outdoors, but the indoor cats still get freaked out when she comes to the back sliding door and get all nervous that she might attack through the glass or something. We can't open the screen to let the breezes in because who wants cats screeching at each other through the screen?

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