Monday, April 4, 2011


We noticed that Pepper's lip looked a little funny on Friday night so Keith looks at her teeth, Pepper squirming and growling, and one of her front bottom teeth is sticking out all funny like it's been knocked loose from where it belongs. We have no money to take her to the kitty dentist so I'm hoping that the tooth will just fall out on its own and she'll just be missing a tooth and fit right in here in hillbillyland. You walk around town here and most of the residents of this city have missing teeth, so why not the cats, too?

The last time Bear went to the vet we found out that she has a missing tooth so apparently since cats can't brush their teeth or floss, occasionally their teeth fall out. Hopefully we won't have to start buying them dentures.

Speaking of Bear, Lucy is still defending her living room territory against her (and only her) but she walked into the bedroom and looked around the other day, walking right past Bear who was sitting by the food bowl, and didn't growl or even pay any attention to her. I don't know, I just feel bad for poor Bear being afraid to leave the bedroom. She did sneak across the hall to the front bedroom this morning so she could sit and look out the window.

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