Sunday, April 24, 2011


Lucy seems to be adapting well to living the outdoor cat's life. She doesn't look too upset in these pictures.

She has gotten in the house a few times, Keith had the garage door open and forgot to shut the kitty door into the house, then shut the garage door, and here comes Lucy wandering in through the kitty door. I scooped her up pretty quick and put her back outside. I am so afraid she will go off on one of the other cats and I don't want them getting all freaked out again.

Pepper still kind of whines when she sees Lucy through the window or door but the rest of them are getting used to seeing her out there. We had the front door open and everyone was sniffing each other through the screen door. I kind of wonder what is going through their minds. How come we can see her and smell her but she's out there? What the heck is going on here anyway?

We've decided to let her stay as an outside cat as long as nothing else weird happens with her. Keith is going to build her a little house out there for her, who knows if she'll actually use it but at least there will be some shelter. We'll have to dose her with Advantage when flea season starts up and we know she'll end up with a parasite or two but we feel better allowing her to stay rather than taking her to the pound.

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