Saturday, June 28, 2008

And Then There Were Three

Or, how we went from a two cat household to three.

Spring is kitten season, when all the un-spayed or un-neutered stray cats get spring fever and start mating, producing more up-spayed or un-neutered baby cats.
Our neighbors next door started feeding a huge litter of kittens in their backyard which ended when all the kittens got into their house one day, hiding under beds and leaving kitten poop all over the house. The dad is allergic to cats and we could hear the yelling that day: GOD D**NIT SON OF A B**CH MOTHER F**CKER GET THESE F**KING CATS OUT OF HERE!!!

Our neighbor has a very very loud voice and is well known for his 'colorful' use of the English language.

So, neighbor was not allowed to feed all of those kittens after that, and what did all of those kittens do? Migrated to our back yard because they knew we were soft hearted and wouldn't be able to resist those hungry little kitten eyes.
We started feeding them. Huge, huge mistake. Soon, we had ten little wild feral kittens waiting to be fed each day. We tried to tame a few of them, one that we called Rocket because he was as fast as, well, a rocket. He grabbed the entire food dish in his mouth one day and ran off with it, only to find that all the food fell out of it as he was running off.
There was one timid little grey and white kitten that we started calling Bear because we weren't sure if it was a boy or girl and it looked like a little bear.

This one we were able to tame.

We had to trap all the wild ones and take them to the pound-sad, but if we hadn't, each of those kittens would have grown up and produced hundreds of new un-spayed and un-neutered baby cats.

Bear became part of our household, a very timid little kitty, sweet, fluffy, and cuddly. She learned really quickly to stay out of Pepper's way unless she wanted a bop on the head. Even Harri would whack her if she got too close, and you'd think that Harri would have been a little more tolerant, seeing that she got her share of head whacking from Pepper.

So, they all learned to get along, and Bear has been my sweet little kitty who loves to have her face rubbed, and you can get her to start drooling if you rub enough. It's kitty heaven to her.
She's the only one that likes to get brushed, too, if you show her the brush, she'll jump up on the couch next to you and let you brush her forever. She'll drool if you do enough brushing, too, but then she starts giving you sharp little 'love bites' because it just feels so good.
Sleeping 'under' the bed. She thinks that if she can't see me, then I can't see her.

Sleeping again. Her favorite activity next to eating. She is a petite kitty, but has a very very round belly. It's so funny to watch her run from behind, these little legs running with this big bowling ball belly jiggling away.

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