Monday, June 23, 2008

And Then There Were Two

Pepper lived an idyllic life with her status of 'only spoiled kitty' until the summer that she turned one, when Harrison who I call Little Bit came to live with us.

That year 2ndhusband's daughter came to live with us for a while, which is a whole other story. In the house behind us lived a couple of young partying type men who never mowed their back yard but had an abandoned lawn mower sitting in the foot high grass One day we heard kitten in distress sounds so 2ndhusband climbed over the fence and found a litter of kittens under the abandoned lawnmower, one kitten of which was in the grass catcher part of the lawn mower, which was filled up with water from recent rain, crying, soaking wet, and trying to escape sure death by drowning. 2ndhusband rescued the kitten from drowning and put it back under the lawn mower with the rest of the kittens. We just assumed that these kittens belonged to the party boys that lived in the house and didn't think much more about them. Well, a few weeks later, here comes stepdaughter and her friend with three of these little kittens saying 'can we keep them?' Turns out the party boys claimed no knowledge of these kittens and didn't own any cats, so we let stepdaughter and her friend take care of these little kittens. The friend wanted to keep one, but her dad was allergic to cats, so she was going to keep this kitten in a cage in her backyard. Not. So we let stepdaughter keep the kitten she had become attached to and gave the other two away out in front of wal-mart. One of the kittens we called Popeye, he was all black with big huge bulging eyes, but a man outside of wal-mart saw him and just had to take him home. I'm assuming both of the given away kittens became cherished family pets, but who knows? So, stepdaughter named her little black kitten with the white stripe on her nose Harrison something something something. She had four names for this kitten, three of which I can't remember. Harrison is a stupid name for a girl kitty, and being a little bitty thing, I started calling her Little Bit.

I don't remember that much of her kittenhood, just that Pepper was a little pissed off at this interloper and would whack her on the head-bam, bam, bam-whenever she came too close. Little Bit would try to play with Pepper by leaping on her but Pepper would have none of that nonsense. We did have some houseplants that Little Bit would full body leap into and dig around in the dirt, so the houseplants soon went outside.
Little Bit grew up and became a somewhat reclusive little cat, she is very petite albeit really fluffy, and prefers to spend her time away from the rest of the bunch, just barely tolerating the other cats. She has vampire teeth that hang out of her mouth, so sometimes I call her vampire kitty.
She used to sleep with us almost every night with a little ritual that involved 2ndhusband getting into bed and Little Bit turning herself around and fitting in between his side and his arm in a convenient position for the ultimate in petting. She doesn't do this as much now because she is always on the lookout for another cat getting into her space. She gets stressed easily, especially when Buddy gets all worked up and starts chasing her around the house.
Little Bit is not the most photogenic of our cats, but in real life she is cute-here she looks a little cock-eyed. She reminds me of a reclusive movie star-'I just vant to be alone!'

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