Sunday, June 22, 2008

More About Pepper-Or, Back When We Only Had One Feline

Pepper's shooting me the 'I wish you were dead except then who would feed me' look right now since I had to remove her from my chair so I could sit down at the computer.

It's kind of hard to remember back in the days when Pepper was a cute little kitten-I know she wasn't cuddly, she hates to be picked up and is most definitely not a lap cat. She has always been feisty and her favorite thing as a kitten was to hide and then run out and bite your ankles when you least expected it. My hands were always scratched up because she liked to play rough.

We kept her inside for her first few months, deciding to get one of those cat harnesses so that we could take her outside but keep her from getting into trouble or hit by a car or something. We put the little harness on her and took her out front, attaching the end of the harness around a pole so that she wouldn't stray. I went back inside for just a minute and came back out to an empty harness and Pepper sitting a few feet away with the first of many many of the 'I wish you were dead except then who would feed me' looks she has given me over the years.

So, Pepper became an indoor/outdoor cat without a harness-this changed a year or so ago when we started keeping all the cats inside after Pepper left me a huge pile of poo that was filled with still squirming worms, we spent hundreds of dollars on Advantage for fleas, and all the cats were diagnosed with an intestinal parasite called giardia-sp?-that can cause internal bleeding and very loose stools. The medicine they give cats for giardia causes cats to foam at the mouth and run around the house like lunatics, and then hide under the bed for the next four hours, coming out only to give you more of the 'I wish you were dead' looks.

Since we keep all of our cats inside now, no big Advantage bills, no squirming poo, and no foaming at the mouth.

So, Pepper was the Queen of the house until we adopted a little stray black kitten about a year later, and she has never ever forgiven us for that one. She only puts up with us because we can open cat food cans.


Elise of Argyle Whale said...

What an adorable array of kitties you have!

twenty pound tabby said...

Ah, cats, gotta luv them. If it wasn't for my cats, I could sleep past 6 in the morning. Mine are still indoor/outdoor models.

Peldyn said...

My cat Prissy gives me the "wish you were dead" look all the time. Usually when I have the temerity to try and pick her up and kiss her!