Saturday, June 21, 2008

Who Me?

If you are sitting in the bedroom working on the computer-and yes, I WAS working, getting orders ready to ship out, not just dicking around-and you hear strange clinking sounds coming from the general direction of the kitchen, by all means, GO INVESTIGATE!!
If you have a bad kitty or two in your house like we do, you might find something like this.
Now, the reason this glass was on its side and clinking around is entirely my fault-yes, my fault. You see, Lucy is one of those kitties who only drinks water that is in your glass or directly out of a running faucet. If you turn on the bathroom sink and Lucy is sleeping 2 rooms away, before that water hits the bottom of the sink she is jumping up onto the counter with her little tongue already lapping in anticipation of a cool drink of water direct from the faucet. It's a little difficult sometimes to brush your teeth or wash your hands when you have a kitty hanging over the bathroom sink.
So, I had left this glass with a few inches of water in it on the counter, and since it's one of our new smaller juice glasses she couldn't cram her face in there to drink and decided to knock it over and lap the water up instead.
And then, it looked like she tried to mop up the water by shredding paper napkins from the napkin holder all over the counter.
She is looking at me with that 'what-is there a problem here?' expression on her face. ' I DID try to clean it up!'


Jennifer said...

Bella does the same thing with any cup. If it has liquid or ice in it, she will knock it over!!!

Meghan said...

Frances LOVES sinks... He will hang out there all day waiting for someone to turn it on. He really loves glasses too. Ryan and I had to stop putting our cups on the floor when we were going to bed because every morning we were waking up to a wet puddle on the side of our bed!