Saturday, August 23, 2008

Miss Mimi's Massage and Acupuncture

Is your back hurting from sitting at the computer too long? Neck and shoulders feeling a little tight and achy? A bit of a headache from staring at the computer screen?

Let Mimi from Miss Mimi's Massage and Acupuncture take care of all of your aches and pains in one simple treatment.

She will leap from the floor onto your shoulders in a single bound, massaging your shoulders as she turns and turns finding a comfortable spot, digging her needle sharp claws into your skin so that she doesn't fall off as she is turning and turning trying to find that comfortable spot. Then, for a few moments, she will sit and warm your tired muscles with her little belly as she lays on your shoulders. Then, up again, and more claws digging into your skin, turning and turning again, then once more laying on your shoulders, chirping and purring for the duration of your session. Sometimes she will even help your headache by slapping her tail against the side of your head. And, to help that carpal tunnel syndrome, she will frequently walk down the length of your arm to reach the computer desk where she will effectively block that screen that is giving you eyestrain and headaches. And then, back up the other arm to your shoulders again. For more walking and purring and chirping and needle sharp clawing.

Mimi is waiting for her next customer.

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