Thursday, August 21, 2008

Whatever Are They Doing?

This is the window bench that Keith built so that the cats could look out the window in comfort.

There are two pillows that are usually on this bench so that the comfort level is even more comfortable. Can you see the pillows? No? Well, that's because somebody-and I'm not sure who-drags the pillows off of the bench, out the bedroom door, and into the living room.

Every night.

Each morning I wake up to find the window bench pillows somewhere else other than the window bench. I have yet to see whichever of the kitties becomes super kitty during the night and drags things through the house with just the strength of their little jaws, but I'd like to know what the motive is behind this. Do they sleep on the pillows after they've dragged them through the house? Or do they just enjoy my bewilderment each morning?

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Set up a hidden video camera at night to see who does it.