Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wake up!

Hey, what are you doing? Are you sleeping? Hey, hey, wake up!

Buddy was playing with a mouse the other day, having a great time tossing it around and chasing after it, but then it landed next to Pepper. Buddy must have some smarts because he patiently waited for Pepper to move before he went after his mouse. He knows that Pepper is a very cranky kitty!

With six kitties in the house, I shovel a lot of poop every day, twice a day, from the cat boxes. Not only do I shovel poop, but I have to wash Pepper's butt every day, too. She is fat and the vet thinks she has arthritis in her hip so she has a very hard time cleaning herself 'down there' so I have to do it for her. She must be getting used to it because even though she protests loudly she lets me do it. It probably feels a lot better not having a nasty butt.

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