Monday, August 25, 2008


Keith was eating a banana nut muffin yesterday morning and turned away for a minute. Mr. Buddy aka Mr. Nosy was on that in a heartbeat! He likes banana nut muffins! They're yummy goodness in my tummy!

You can't turn your back on this guy. He really enjoys jumping on you when you least expect it. If I bend over to pick something up off the floor or to pet another kitty-wham, right onto my back. And if he is on top of the refrigerator, do not-I repeat DO NOT take your eyes off of him or turn away. He will leap onto your back and will not get down. Sort of like a log ride or something, if you move, he just readjusts himself. And he is a big boy now!

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Jennifer said...

There is nothing like waking up to fond a cat staring you down. Unless of course you wake up and find yourself being pushed off the bed by the dog because she feels that she needs to have the whole bed to herself!!