Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hungry Hungry Kitties

I woke up late this morning and opened the bedroom door to find five kitties all right outside the door waiting to be fed. There was no dry food left in their bowls from last night and they were hungry! Buddy always jumps onto the counter where I line up the bowls, so he gets his first. Pepper jumps onto the breakfast bar (she's fat and can't jump onto the counter without the help of the breakfast bar stool) so her bowl goes there, and Mimi and Bear wait not so patiently on the floor for their bowls. Lucy has never eaten canned food, for some reason she doesn't like it, and poor Harri is too timid to eat when all the others are around, so I either take some food into the bedroom for her or just let her come out and eat when she's ready.

Last night Keith left the bathroom door open so of course at about 3:30 am Buddy was jumping around on the bed wanting to play. I shooed him out and shut the door, not realizing that Lucy was still in the bedroom, so about 30 minutes later (right after I had finally gotten back to sleep) Lucy was jumping around on the bed. I made Keith get up and shoo her out, since he's the one that left the door open. And that is why I woke up late this morning.

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