Sunday, October 19, 2008

Refrigerator Kitty Says There's Nothing Good To Eat in Here

When Pepper was little she would jump in the refrigerator just about any time you would open it. You always had to double check before shutting the door to make sure you wouldn't end up with a kitty popsicle in there. She finally outgrew that habit, or got too fat to fit in there, or something, but then the kittens started doing it, too. We would have to do a head count of kittens to make sure nobody was stuck in the refrigerator, especially after the time Keith could hear pitiful little meows coming from somewhere and finally realized it was Mimi from inside the fridge. Now that they are grown, kitties in the refrigerator isn't as much of a problem, partly since they are easier to see if they are in there.

Buddy jumped in there the other day and wouldn't get out, so I just shut the door on him for a few minutes. Didn't seem to bother him at all, or at least he was pretending it didn't bother him.

Nah, nothing looks good in here.

Okay, guess I'll get out now.

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