Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm Sponsoring an Orphan

You know how you can sponsor a child who is starving in Africa? Send your check in every month and the child will be fed and clothed for a month? Well, you can also sponsor a starving kitty with a monthly donation.

Check out this website:

This is a no kill sanctuary for abandoned and stray kitties here in California that was started by one woman and now houses something like 700 cats. I first found this from a link someone posted on a forum to the video that shows what the cat house is all about. Go to the site and watch the video, it's amazing. And, no, this is not a crazy cat hoarder lady with half dead feral cats all crammed into a one bedroom apartment. It's truly amazing what this one woman has done.

Anyway, about my orphan. I went to the site after seeing the video and looked at all the different ways that you can help out this sanctuary. I can't afford to adopt any more cats so I thought I would do the monthly sponsoring thing instead of just a one time donation. You can set up the donation through your paypal account (very smart of them to do it that way-no worries about deadbeats not sending in the check each month) and it's $15.00 a month to sponsor a kitty. You can even go visit your orphan if you want, although how they'd be able to round up your orphan out of the 700 cats there, I don't know. Maybe they'd just bring you any old cat that kind of looks like your orphan.

So, this is my orphan, her name is Rosy, she is two, and she was abandoned by her owners.

That is one mean looking cat, isn't it? Either that or just holding a grudge against her humans.

You only have a few choices of orphan kitties when you sponsor one, it's not like you can look at all 700 cats and pick out the cutest or anything.

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Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

I don't remember you even liking our cat (who our family was to lazy to ever name, so he was just "Cat") when we were kids. How did this happen?