Monday, December 8, 2008

It's Chilly!

The weather has been getting quite wintery and I guess the cats fur coats aren't keeping them warm enough, so they crawl under our comforter for their naps. Mimi was under the comforter the other day and Keith laid down on the bed right on top of her. What a rude awakening from your nap, getting so unexpectantly squished. There were two lumps in the bed yesterday, both Mimi and Buddy had crawled under there.

Now, we check out all lumps before flopping ourselves onto the bed.


Jennifer said...

Do they have cat beds or anything like that? We give our animals old blankets to sleep with so that they don't take ours.

Kathy said...

Hi! I have two kitties; Chester and Mimi! They spend the night with me and my Hubby. I usually have them at my feet and side all night.

Meghan said...

Francis hated being underneath anything... He only liked sleeping in his bed next to the heater. However Keifer LOVES to be under the covers with Ry & I. It takes some getting used to.