Friday, December 5, 2008

Funny Kitties

These silly cats really make me laugh sometimes, especially the three little (well not so little anymore, but the youngest of the six) ones, who still have enough kitten in them to provide entertainment, rather than just laying around like the older ones.

This morning I was transferring some pills into another bottle, mainly because I opened my pill bottle and dropped the lid, which proceeded to roll under the stove. Not wanting to dig around under the stove trying to find it, I just transferred the contents to another bottle that I had. Transferring pills into a plastic pill bottle makes lots of rattling noises, which to the kitties means one of two things. Either treats or toys, treats or toys, rattling means treats or toys. So, all three of the young ones jump up onto the counter and stick their collective faces one inch away from the pill bottles trying to see whether I'm rattling treats or toys. Treats or toys! Yay! Yay! Treats! Toys!

Sorry, kids, just me trying to transfer pills with three curious kitties milling about on the counter top. Not toys, and not treats!

Then, last night, Pepper amazed me by actually chasing Buddy around the living room. I think he was amazed, too, that someone would actually have the audacity to chase him, when he is usually the one terrorizing all the other cats by doing all the chasing. It was hilarious, you could almost see little though bubbles over Buddy's head. 'What the hell is going on here?' 'Wait a minute, nobody chases ME around!' I don't know if Pepper was just being cranky or if she was having fun, but it sure was fun for me to watch!


Evann Carter said...

Sara even came one time when we were using the can opener.

Kathy said...

My Mimi loves the little plastic ring that is around the cap of milk jugs. When I open a new jug of milk, she will come running to get her "toy". I give it to her and she takes it in her mouth then runs away with it.