Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Poor Harri. She is the most timid fearful little kitty and all the other kids pick on her. Buddy, Mimi, and Lucy delight in seeing her quietly sitting somewhere and do that little wiggle my butt and get ready to pounce on you thing, and then chase her all over the house. She is constantly checking over her shoulder to see who's next in line to torment her.

All of the other cats have the going through the cat door into the garage thing down pat. The three younguns will bang through that thing at top speed, Pepper and Bear take a little more dainty approach to it, but Harri will sit there and look through the door into the garage, look back at you, look through the door again, hoping it will magically open or you will come and open it for her. Keith has tried pushing her through so that she'll get the idea, but she just won't go through that door. Last night as I was heading for bed she was sitting by the door hoping hoping that I would let her in the garage. Nope, sorry, Harri, I don't want you stuck out in the garage all night since you won't come back through the door by yourself.

So, this morning I don't see her anywhere and check in the garage to see if Keith let her in before he left for work, but don't see her. Then a few hours later, there she is, in the garage looking at me through the cat door, hoping I'll come let her back in. She doesn't meow or anything, just sits there looking at you hoping you will notice her and open the door. Which I did.

She is the original scaredy cat.

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